SkyGod – CR Mod

Posted: 8/9/2015:
Got a bit of work done today, engine, underside and engine compartment. maybe a few little tweaks here and there. I am pushing quite a few polygons here and I haven’t even up-smoothed my model yet, so I am a little concerned about whats to come. The pic posted with this one has the hood off so you can see some detail work.

Posted: 8/6/2015:
Today finds me with a bit more time. I got to work on the inner hood, trunk, doors and got to work on the undercarriage. Starting work on the suspension and drive train. Carmageddon supports working suspension and the GTR has an odd turned suspension. Hopefully everything will work out right or I am going to have to tweak it to make it look right.

Posted: 8/5/2015:
Well, here is an update, at least I am hanging at it. I got a few more bits done. Just wanted to check back in and update this post a little.

Posted: 8/3/2015:

Hello Gents and Ladies,

Good old Beroc here, kind of back on the rebound and finally doing another car for a game. Well, none of you know all this but I will tell you, it has been a very long time for me doing any of this, so I just need to get back in and take a swing. (That and building on this site.)

This model will be called SkyGod and is based off of an image I found on THIS Pintrest post.

That being said, I am also going to test out how I want things to work on my site. I don’t want a hundred posts using the same content over and over again, So I will be posting my images here in this one thread, and updating it.

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